The course takes place from the September, 25th until December, 6th. Attendance is free and everyone is welcome to participate.

Lectures will be held:

– Monday, 10:30 in Room L2  Polo Piagge (Aula L2)

– Tuesday, 8:45 in Computer Room, 3rd Floor of Department (Laboratorio informatico III piano)

Polo Piagge is a building close by the Economics and Management Department.

Exact Schedule for 2018:

24-sept Monday Introduction Corsini
25-sept Tuesday Job Search I: the Beveridge Curve Corsini
01-oct Monday Job Search II: wages and unemployment Corsini
02-oct Tuesday Job Search III: unemployment duration Corsini
08-oct Monday European Labour Policies: passive policies Corsini
09-oct Tuesday European Labour Policies: active policies Corsini
15-oct Monday  The future of labour market Bryson
16-oct Tuesday  Workplace employee representation in EU Bryson
22-oct Monday European Labour Policies: employment protection Corsini
23-oct Tuesday EU integration and Mobility Corsini
29-oct Monday Empirical Labour Economics I Brunetti
30-oct Tuesday Empirical Labour Economics II Brunetti
05-nov Monday Empirical Evidence on EU mobility I Parenti
06-nov Tuesday Empirical Evidence on EU mobility II Parenti
12-nov Monday Empirical Labour Economics III Brunetti
13-nov Tuesday Empirical Labour Economics IV Brunetti
14-nov Wednesday Empirical Labour: an application Corsini
19-nov Monday  Wage determination and Inequality Fiaschi
20-nov Tuesday  Inequality in the EU I Fiaschi
21-nov  Wednesday  Inequality in the EU II Fiaschi
26-nov Monday Union Bargaining Theory I Meccheri
27-nov Tuesday Union Bargaining Theory II Meccheri
03-dec Monday Wage Bargaining and Economic Outcomes I Meccheri
04-dec Tuesday Wage Bargaining and Economic Outcomes II Meccheri