Workshop on “Recent trends in European labour markets”


The workshop will take place in Pisa on the 4th and 5th of November

Labour markets are a key component in each economy and  society and the European Union makes no exception in this. This workshop tries to make a point of the current state of European labour market and addresses the main economic and social phenomena that emerged in the labour market in the last decade. Key aspects that will be covered in the workshop includes automation, labour policies, institutions, mobility, migration, education, discrimination and social inclusion.

Juan Dolado will hold the keynote speech on:

The Changing Nature of Gender Selection into Employment over the Great Recession

We invite researchers to submit their papers to be presented at the workshop at the following address:

See the call for paper here for full details.

Submission deadline is the 25th of March


Scientific Commitee Organizing Commitee
Lorenzo Corsini
Alex Bryson
Irene Brunetti
André Cieplinski
Davide Fiaschi
Nicola Meccheri
Angela Parenti
Cristina Tealdi
Francesca Pinzauti
Michela Craca
Lorenzo Corsini